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How often do I really need to floss?

You really do need to floss once per day.  Bacteria really like to hang out between your teeth and if you're not flossing daily they start to cause cavities in those hard to reach areas.  If the bacteria hang out there long enough they can cause gum recession and even worse, bone loss.  Although you really need to be flossing once a day lets be realistic.  If you aren't in the habit of doing it that often it may be a little much to ask.  So how about this- Get a packet of "pluckers" from the dollar store and keep them in an accessible area like in your car, by the couch, or in your desk at work.  When you are bored take out a "plucker" and run it between all of your teeth.  Its really easy to do while you're watching TV, driving to work, etc... and it only takes 30 seconds.  This is a really easy way to get in the habit of flossing.

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